Dr. Purcell has over 40 years experience in aviation and 27 years experience in NASA and Bell Aerospace flight platforms. He previously imported, and restored to airworthy condition, several advanced soviet jet warbirds including: MiG-215, Mig15UM,  MiG-17 Fresco-A, MiG-21UM, and MiG-21M.  His keen interest in aviation and aerospace has promoted research in his clinic for better ways to treat vertigo and complex vestibular disorders and to derive advanced vestibular therapy protocols now used at various rehabilitation facilities in California and now throughout China. Dr. Purcell and his team have designed and built multiple Jet Packs, Rocketbelts, and Xjets to better understand how vestibular inputs and/or lack of somatosensory inputs play a role in maintaining balance in the pathological patient. He also uses the devices to promote practice awareness to patients and physicians in the community. Dr. Purcell's Rocketbelt has been featured in movies. airshows, Formula One races, the 2012 Olympics, and hospitals in over 17 countries throughout the world.