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We are a specialty Oto-Neurology practice focusing on complex vertigo and balance disorders. Dr. Ian Purcell has an M.D. in Neurology and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience with a focus in Vestibular Neurophysiology and Anatomy. He has a passionate interest in providing insight as to how sensory information related to gravity is encoded and processed by the vestibular system to control oculomotor and postural reflexes as well as spatial orientation of the human body moving through a complex three-dimensional environment.


Dr. Purcell is also a co-founder of DizzyDoctor LLC, whose focus is to create innovative products that allow patient access to better diagnostic and treatment strategies to the variety of vestibular and balance disorders that render an individual dysfunctional and unable to perform activities of daily living. These include portable eye movement devices that can be worn like a pair of ski goggles that allow patients to record their eye movements during episodes of vertigo or disequilibrium. These episodes typically occur randomly throughout any given day of the patient's life. Often a patient may present to their physician's office when they are experiencing disequilibrium or frank vertigo, but more often than not these transient episodes occur when the patient is away form the physician's office. By the time the patient can obtain a follow-up visit with their physician, the episode has self-resolved, and it is often unclear as to what the etiology of the patient's symptoms were at that time. DizzyDoctor LLC has worked diligently over the last several years to design a series of products that can not only be used in a physician's office, but also by the patient at home to obtain objective data evidence via eye movement recordings that may allow a better diagnostic and treatment strategy for the patient. Some of the devices designed can not only be used in an acute office setting, but also by a physician in settings that may resemble an emergency room or acute care clinic.

" For me, life is about continuously improving and inventing. The meaning of life is not simply to exist and be stagnant, but to move forward, to advance, and to achieve."


- Ian M. Purcell, MD, PhD